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02:06pm 17/03/2003
mood: angry
crappy crappy day..why do people have to be so selfish and inconsiderate? ;/

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07:13pm 16/03/2003
mood: satisfied
busy busy weekend..

Saturday: went to my 2nd cousin's baby shower..It was alright, not that I don't love her, but I don't know her that well and I didn't know 90% of the people that were there, which of course made it awkward ;/ not to mention I'm not big on being cramped up in small areas with a lot of people [there was about 30 people there] she got some really cute stuff for her baby boy, tho ;] me and my mom gave her a red and blue sheet and comforter set for his crib...she really liked it ;] later on that night I chilled with my cousin for a while. The time on my cell phone was wrong for some reason so I thought it was only 9 when it was really 11..screwed me all up..so I got home pretty late and didn't get much sleep.

Today: went to my 2nd aunt's house for a little get together..bunch of people I didn't know once again ;/ but it was still cool.
took my doggy to the park and ran a mile again today..made me feel all good about myself ;] and I helped my mom make dinner and clean up around the house. we but heads a lot and haven't been getting along all that well lately..even tho I don't like the way she acts most the time, nor the way she reacts to a lot of things I still <3 her cuz she is my mom. I feel good when I help her out with stuff like that because I used to NEVER help..I was rebellious and refused to do a lot of stuff constantly. I was going through the whole 'bratty teenager' thing I suppose.
I've noticed myself becoming a lot more responsible. After I dropped out of school I was going out constantly, doing stuff I shouldn't be, and I didn't have the ambition to do anything. I never even thought about what I wanted to do with my life. Thank goodness I finally got a wake up call, which caused me to enroll in GED classes and get a job..passed my GED with flying colors and enrolled in college. I'm quite proud of myself. I still have a long way to go but I'm in it for the long haul..willing to do whatever it takes ;]
well, I've made this entry long enough..i'm gonna go read some journals and then call my babe.

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08:12pm 13/03/2003
mood: thankful
I lied about that being the last post ;/ about an hour ago my older sister called and said she had been in a car accident..this lady t-boned her car..crunched the whole side [the passenger side, thank god]the whole dashboard was on my sisters side ;x omg..so scary..my heart was going a mile a minute..thank god my sister is okay. Just a few cuts and scratches. she was actually driving my mom's car..you should see it! it's totaled. I can't believe she walked away from it. The other lady was physically okay, but she was acting kinda loopy so they took her to the hospital just to be sure. you could tell it was her fault, and she admitted it. But even if she tries to deny it later she can't because one of my sister's friends was sitting at the same intersection and witnessed it. It's a huge intersection. There was 2 fire trucks, 3 ambulances..a bunch of cops, 3 tow trucks and like 15 people who stopped to make sure everyone was okay..mad crazyness. The good thing is..my sister had just been at our house and usually she brings her daughter [she's 1] but for some reason decided to leave her at home tonight..I am so grateful for that. the lady knocked my sisters car across 3 lanes and completely spun my sis's car around so that she was facing in the opposite direction that she was going. The lady hit her doing almost 50 ;x I am just so glad everyone is okay. I'm gonna be really careful when i drive from now on. I don't think there has ever been a time that I have gotten in my car and not put my seatbelt on. I have always wore my seatbelt from day one..and that's what saved my sister. The car is sitting in our driveway right now..I can't even look at it ;x sooo scary. I've lost so many people..when my mom got that call I freaked..I didn't wanna have to go through it again..I don't think I could handle it. I love my sis and I'm gonna start telling her that EVERY day.
whew..I'm gonna try to get my mind off things for a little while..

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05:53pm 13/03/2003
mood: confused
last post for the day, I pr0mise ;] psp7 is gettin on my nerves..I'm havin' the hardest time trying to make blinkies. teaching yourself is not easy at all..I'm so freakin confused ;/ anyways...

I gotta lot of stuffs to get done tonight..clean my room..go by my aunt's to visit cuz I haven't done that in a few days ;x hang up some pics in my room and I promised megz I would make her some pajamas pants :D so I better get that done tonight too. And then..I get to talk to my babe when he gets home..yay! :D
I'll be going for now..

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10:50am 13/03/2003
mood: cheerful
I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I thought it was gonna be all nasty outside because it rained for most the night, but the sun decided to come out and it warmed up quite a bit ;] I wanna get out and do something, but I dunno what I wanna do ;/ It's been a while since I've been to Starbucks, so maybe I'll go do that..and since my older sister isn't picking up my lil sis I'll probably take her and my doggy to the park for a while ;] sounds good to me.

I talked to Brian this morning, which always makes my day a thousand times better..can't get enough of him ;] Just wish I could spend the day with him..It'd be *so* nice.

oh hey..anyone know where I can download some paint brushes for psp7?? I'm having trouble finding some good ones ;/ and I really wanna make some blinkies today, so if you do lemme know ;]
I'll be going for now..comments! :P

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09:02pm 12/03/2003
mood: relaxed
it's Raining it's Pouring...

I <3 spring cuz of all the thunderstorms. We're getting the first 'real' thunderstorm since last fall..it's great :D my little sis is scared to death of the thunder and lightning. It's kinda cute in a way..hehe..everytime it lightnings she covers her eyes and says "lightning stupid!" awwie ;D

I'm kinda getting sick of all this stuff that is going on with my older sister and her home life. I talked to one of her friends, Becca, [also my friend] for 4 hours today about it. I just wish her lazy boyfriend would get off his butt and get a job before they get kicked outta their place ;/ I feel bad for my sis, she does everything she can to keep a roof over their head [and their daughter's] including borrowing money from our grandparents and so forth..yet he does NOTHING. ugh..Becca agrees with me..Matt [my sis's boyfriend] is cool and all, but he's lazy and he's a loser ;x

anyways, I gotta lot more to say but I'm gonna hop off here for a while because of the thunderstorm..it's getting pretty bad
leave comments! :P

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04:09pm 12/03/2003
  awwie..look at how pretty it is ;]

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